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Take Action Now

We all need to act now before these crises become catastrophes!


Please sign, contribute, share or get involved

There are several ways you can support loving and caring for our natural resources and those who depend on them.  

  • Visualise what is important to you and how you’d like to have resources available and wisely managed.

  • Write to your local councillor and/or politician telling them your concerns and what you wish for.

  • Find out which of your local councillors and/or politicians are already aligned with your environmental concerns and find out how you can support them.

  • Take a short video of yourself saying why these issues are important to you and post it to Facebook and Instagram.

  • Spread the word on twitter and LinkedIn.

  • Use facebook live when at a related event.

  • #saveourwai if it is water-related.

  • Sign the petitions.

  • Stop even more water being bottled from Putaruru.

  • Donate to specific causes – helping us to get to the High Court needs funding now.

  • Arrange events in your region to raise awareness.

  • Support local environmental groups.

  • Follow Aotearoa Water Action 

  • Get in touch with us if you have something to let us know or you can help in any way.

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